Fachhochschule Reutlingen, Hochschule fär Technik und Wirtschaft

Reutlingen University (in German Hochschule Reutlingen; formerly FHTW Reutlingen) is a university of applied sciences, involved in education and research. It is located in Reutlingen in the southern German state of Baden-Württemberg. Enrollment stands at about 5,500 students, a quarter of whom are international and exchange students. Reutlingen University has a long tradition as a second home for international students; over a quarter of the students currently registered come from countries outside Germany. The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs in the main fields of International Business, Engineering, Information, Medical and Natural Science and Design. In contrast to common university structures, the orientation of the faculties is less the result of the sciences located there. It rather results from their industry driven specialization. The five schools of Reutlingen University are the School of Applied Chemistry, ESB Business School, the School of Information Technology, the School of Engineering and the School of Texiles & Design. Top Five placements in various rankings and its reputation amongst industry and commerce has made it one of Germany's most prestigious universities of applied sciences.

Reutlingen University's campus sits on the southwestern edge of Reutlingen, close to recreation and sport areas (including the city soccer stadium). Two bus lines serve the campus, and the town center is a 20-minute walk away. Two neighborhood centers are each a five-minute walk from campus and the dormitories, featuring shopping centers, banks, and doctors.


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  • History[edit]
  • Foundation in the Kingdom of Württemberg

The so-called "Spendhaus" was the first residence to the weaving school.

The history of Reutlingen University goes back to the School of Weaving established in 1855 by the Kingdom of Württemberg, the city of Reutlingen, and the textile industry. The school was renamed in 1891 and became the Royal College of Technology for Textile Industry (German: Königlich Württembergisches Technikum für Textilindustrie), a technical college for spinning, weaving, and knitting. After the end of monarchy in 1918, the college received state recognition and changed its name once more to the State College of Technology (German: Staatliches Technikum). Two years later, the State Testing and Examination Authority for Textiles was founded in Reutlingen.

The brick building at Kaiserstr. 99 in Reutlingen was built in 1891 and housed the College of Technology until 1994. Today, it is home to the police headquarters of Reutlingen.

Extension after World War II

In 1967, Mechanical Engineering was added to the State College of Technology, and in 1971, the College received official recognition as a Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences). In the Department of Business Studies, the first course in International Business began. A year later, the business course Production Management enrolled its first students.

Work began on the new Hohbuch campus in 1975, and the university moved there in 1977. The old buildings in the center of town were handed over to the police force, and parts of the original equipment from the Weaving School and other documentation were placed in the Industrial Museum of Reutlingen.